About Us


Born and raised in Geauga County, Ohio, with local roots back to the early 1800’s and living in Burton, Mike Blair’s love of metalworking and respect for the art of blacksmithing has channeled his passion to create custom functional and decorative pieces.  He brings his many years of landscaping and design to his ironwork.  When Mike exhibited his work at the Nursery Growers of Lake County Inc. Field Day this past summer, he described himself as a welder.  The attendees referred to him as an artisan.


Family life is the foundation of Mike’s life.  He includes his two children in his work by including their ideas and creative juices.



Daughter, Autumn, loves all things about art, pioneering, and horses.  She attends the Century Village Pioneer School each summer and anxiously awaits being old enough to be the pioneer teacher’s assistant.  Horses…what else needs to be said.


Mike prides himself on high quality work and customer satisfaction.


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